How it Works

Swoondle doesn't take a "cut" off the value of your items unlike consignment and resale sites.  Your chosen membership plan entitles you to a certain number of trades per year.

Everything is valued in Levels 1-5 and are available for trade-only.  This makes it fair - you can only take out levels based on what levels you send.

You receive the SAME LEVEL as your item will be listed in the shop.  Swoondle plays the judge to make trading easy and fair.

Ship your items for FREE to Swoondle in a pre-paid shipping bag.  Swoondle does the work and you get to shop!

Shopping by swapping is 80% cheaper than other second-hand buying options and 95% cheaper than buying retail.

You get to choose the items you want to order.  There's no mystery box - you get to decide and decide what items you want to send. 

Choose a Plan & Receive a Welcome Kit

It's time to get organized and feel good about the purge! 

It's easy to get started.  

Pack your bag

You should receive your pre-paid shipping bag in 3 business days.

Fill it up with items you want to trade. Remember: this is 100% trade-based, so the better the items you send in, the better the items you'll be able to order. Get the best value from Swoondle by trading in items with an original retail value of $20 or more.

Swoondle Processes your Items

You will receive an email when all of your items have been processed and valued - usually 5 business days.  

Processing includes valuing your items, photographing, cataloging, listing, packing, and storing your items, and donating or recycling damaged, stained, or unaccepted items.

Shop Swoondle

Now you are ready to SHOP!  

You can choose any size, gender, season, or item type you want as long as you have an available trading balance in that level.

Login.  View your balance summary. And shop!

Still have questions?  

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