Get Your Swoondle On!

Choose the plan that suits your family's needs best.  You can upgrade your plan at any time to get more trades paying only the difference in the plan fees.  Trust us, you have more outgrown, not-your-style stuff in your house than you think!!!

  • TRADE:  5 trades/year ($4/trade)  Give it a try and you can upgrade anytime.
    SEND:  as much as will fit in your Swoondle bag - 1 bag/year

    EXPIRATION:  1 Year to use your balances
    COMMITMENT:  Annual commitment




  • 1st month for only $5
    offer expires 12/31/18

    TRADE:  as much as you want.  De-clutter & shop guilt-free
    SEND:  as much as you would like in our reusable, pre-paid shipping bags

    EXPIRATION:  Balances never expire*
    COMMITMENT:  Cancel anytime

    *so long as your membership is in good standing
    ~ For personal use only - for commercial relationship please email us ~