• Children's clothing sizes Newborn - 16 Years

Freshly washed and dried ONLY!

About 50% of items with condition issues would've been resolved with a fresh wash

A few more suggestions:

  • Onesies, leggings, sleepers, t-shirts (especially those 0-24 months) will likely be given partial credit.  5 items = 1 Level 1
  • Baby clothing must be in excellent condition to be included as a trade or grab bag.  We receive thousands of Carter's 0-24 month "outfits".  These will likely receive partial credit.
  • Local area T-shirts - like soccer camp, a local library or school will be given partial credit or donated. 
  • Adult Clothing will be donated
  • If there is any trace of smokey smell the entire bag will be recycled/donated
  • If the item is dated - more than 5 years old - it's value/Level will likely be impacted.  Styles change and so does the demand for these items.

If you're curious about what a particular items Level might be - feel free to email us or look in the shop!


More questions about what to send?  

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