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Swoondle does all the work

We sort, catalog, photograph, value and list all accepted items – anything we cannot accept is recycled responsibly.

What to send

Shop for what YOU want

After you’ve received your Trading Credits, simply login and shop for comparably valued items – any size, gender, season!

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A new way to manage kid’s clothing

No guilt when your kids wear an outfit once. No hassle selling, gifting or storing clothes. No frustration when receiving tiny $ from consigning or selling.

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Why Swoondle

It's Easy

Fill up your bag and send it. That's it! You don't have to describe, photograph or price anything. No haggling or strangers coming to your home for pick up.

Tremendous Value

With consignment you don't earn enough to "buy back" the exact same item! At Swoondle, we are all about comparable trades. The level you send is the level the item will trade for.

Socially Responsible

Swoondle keeps clothes out of landfills. The most earth-conscious option is re-use, then recycle. Also, you can always choose to donate your trades to our partner charity Good+ Foundation

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