Any Questions?

What are the costs associated with this program?

  • Membership plans range from $20 for 5 trades to $15/month for Unlimited trading.  Or you can choose to pay $5 per traded item.
  • All shipments you send TO The Swoondle Society are FREE.
  • Shipping on all orders is a flat $6.99 for any orders over 1 pound.

What should I send to Swoondle?

  • Please view the “What to Send” Swoondle submission guidelines for details.
  • Children's clothing & footwear, without damage or stains, freshly laundered - estimated original retail value at least $20.

Do I need to put anything in my bag, besides clothes? How will you know it's mine?

  • You do not need to include anything in your shipping bag other than your clothes/accessories.
  • Each shipping label we send to you is already customized with your information. The Swoondle Society will look at your unique tracking number to reference whose bag was received.

What happens after I send my bag to The Swoondle Society?

  • We will email you when we receive your bag. This can take anywhere from 5 - 10 business days.
  • All items are then sorted. All eligible items are cataloged and photographed.
  • Eligible Items are given a Trading Value - Level 1 (lowest) to Level 5 (highest) How valuation works
  • Items are packaged, stored and listed on the website for trading.
  • Once you have a Swoondle Trading Balance in your account, you can shop/trade on the site.  

    Please note:
  • Prohibited items will be donated/recycled.  What to send
  • Lower value items may be put into grab bags
  • Some items may be grouped into outfits/sets.  Groups/Sets

How does "valuation" work?

  • Every item or sets of items are put into a Level (Level 1 - Level 5).  Level 1 being the lowest level; Level 5 the highest.  
  • Factors that determine the valuation are:  Brand, Condition, Item type (e.g. t-shirt, outerwear...), Material, Supply/Demand, and Size.
  • Over time, we may put items "on sale", but this will not change the trading values you originally received.
  • As supply/demand changes for different items the valuation may change as well.  Again, this will not impact the trading value/credits you have already received.  

What are Grab Bags?

  • Grab bags are sets of 5, similarly-sized, lower value items.
  • Members who send in lower-valued items (layettes, onesies, parts of outfits, t-shirts, leggings, etc...) will receive a Level 1 credit for every 5 of these items they send.
  • If you send less than 5, we will keep track and once your tally reaches 5 you will receive a Level 1 credit in your account.
  • Swoondle Society members can also trade for Grab bags. These will be options available as Level 1 trades.  A great way to stock all those small little necessities.

Can I donate my trades to someone in need?

  • Yes!  Send us an email with the # of trades at which level (e.g. “I’d like to donate five of my Level 2 trades and three Level 4 trades) and we will work with our partner charities to ensure they get what is most needed for the season.

Can I let my friend or family use my trading credits?

  • You can “gift” your trade balances to a friend or family member, but they will need to be a subscribing member in order to use them. Send us an email with the following:
    • Recipient name
    • Recipient address
    • # of trades at which level (e.g. “I’d like to gift five of my Level 2 trades and three Level 4 trades to Tracy Smith…”)

Can I re-sell the items I trade on Swoondle?

  • Swoondle is for personal use only.  
  • If you are a re-seller, consignment shop or in any way selling kids clothing for profit please contact us and we can discuss commercial/bulk membership options.

I see some listings on the site have more than one item in them. Do those count as 1 trade?

  • Yes, each listing is considered one trade. The Swoondle Society reserves the right to bundle/group items as necessary. The most common reason is for outfits (e.g. a top and matching shorts).  

Can I pay cash for items I see available for trade?

  • You can buy trades.  Each Level has an associated cost. Level 1 = $6, Level 2 = $12, Level 3 = $22, Level 4 = $36, Level 5 = $54.  

Can I combine several of my lower level trades to get one "bigger" or higher level trade?

  • No, trades cannot be added together. They do not function as currency. Every trade is 1 for 1.
  • You can supplement your lower Level trade with cash to get to a higher level.  

Can I use one higher level trade to get two lower level ones?

  • Yes, you can trade to a lower level and we will provide you with an additional trade valued at the difference in levels. (e.g. if you trade a level 5 for a level 3, we will credit you for a level 2).  BUT this is not currently supported via the website.  Please email us and we can facillitate this for you.  What’s better than shopping and getting a credit to do more?  

What if I don't find anything to trade?

  • We continually add items as new members join and send in garments. Your trades won't expire as long as you are a subscribing member. If you truly cannot find anything, (we’d be surprised!) you always have the option to donate or gift your trades.

Where do all the clothes that cannot be traded go?

  • Items that cannot be traded will go to textile recycling. Typical charities do not want damaged/stained children's clothing as they use clothing to raise funds for their missions.  
  • Our partner for textile recycling is Green Tree Textiles

What is The Swoondle Society’s Return Policy?

  • All orders are “final sale.” You may choose to re-Swoondle any items you receive.  If you received an item in error please email us and we will fix the situation. 

How to Swoondle?

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