Hello Swoondlers!

I’m Jen, a Midwestern-raised, Southern-educated, Brooklyn-based mom of two. After many years as a global online executive for a vacation exchange company, I started The Swoondle Society after the birth of my second child, a boy (who had nothing to wear as I’d spent the previous two years buying adorable baby girl clothes!) After digging through bins trying to decide what was “too pink” to put on a baby boy (not much), and wishing there was a place where I could trade in my daughter’s stylish outfits for similarly cute boy items, The Swoondle Society was born.

Begun as a small pilot phase for family and friends in 2016, in one short year, The Swoondle Society grew to a thriving online clothing trading platform.

It has always been The Swoondle Society’s mission to create an easy, hassle-free and fun marketplace for parents to trade their children’s clothing. Our hope is that The Swoondle Society will encourage our members to buy fewer, high-quality goods by giving them the opportunity to continuously trade for “new-to-you” items in the right sizes, seasons and genders. By giving clothing a “greater life,” we’re also doing better for the Earth - fewer textiles ending up in landfills.  We hope you will enjoy “shopping” on Swoondle for all your children’s clothing needs, while spending less and doing it from the comfort of home.

Happy Swoondling!

Jennifer Zuklie

Founder & CEO



DUMBO Brooklyn Halloween 2016

Our crazy family at the annual DUMBO Family Halloween Parade.  Any guesses as to what we are??